Our School Dog: Lupin

We are very excited to introduce our beloved school dog: Lupin.
Lupin is a Labrador who is named after the Harry Potter Professor. He was chosen due to his temperament and breed. He has also come from reputable breeders.
During school time, Lupin is based in Mrs Wooler’s office or Year 6 (all have given consent). There is a dog gate and crate in Mrs Wooler’s office so Lupin has a safe place to feel comfortable. The children will only be able to interact with him under strict supervision and if parental or carer permission has been given.

Lupin is very much loved and walked all over the Sussex Downs. He has undergone extensive dog training with a registered dog trainer and his owner/teacher has a completed a Canine Behaviour  qualification at Plumpton to support the school and Lupin. He is extremely calm and is very  comfortable at school which is great as Lupin needs to feel happy! When he moves around the school, he is always on a lead and with an adult.

Many schools are seeing huge benefits to the children and staff well-being and improved happiness. This decision has been made following extensive research, consultation with The Dogs' Trust and other schools that have a school dog.
There are many benefits of having a school do have listed a few of them for you below:
  • Dogs teach children about responsibility 
  • Dogs teach children patience
  • Dogs teach children compassion 
  • Dogs teach children about socialisation 
  • Dogs teach children about learning 
  • Dogs are fun 
  • Dogs help to make people feel happy and loved
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