Elder (Year 5)

Welcome to Term 3 in Year 5!
We are busy learning about Anglo Saxons this term in Year 5. Our enquiry question is 'Who were the Anglo Saxons, and how have they influenced our lives?' We are very much looking forward to our trip to Battle Abbey later this term, where we will be able to re-enact key parts of the Battle of Hastings and learn more about the immediate aftermath when King Harold was ousted by the Norman invaders and William the Conqueror came to power. To learn more about what we are covering this term, please see Term 3's Curriculum Newsletter and Knowledge Organiser below.
What we Have Been Studying So Far this Year:
Term 1 - What story does every picture tell?
As geographers, we used our inference skills to study pictures of key locations to gather information about their characteristics, and cross-referenced these observations with authentic climate data and population data from the regions, and with maps of the regions. We also became photo journalists and completed a six week home-learning project compiling our own photo journals to show an aspect of diversity in our hometown of Lewes. We came up with highly original photographic collections capturing our town - from the diversity of nature to buildings to colours and textures; all of us got a little better at noticing our surroundings, and realising the value of taking the time to look around us every day! See Term One's Knowledge Organiser and Curriculum Letter for more details.
Meet the Year 5 Team
Ms Callow - Year 5 Class Teacher
I'm class teacher in Y5 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings. 
I love walking and climbing mountains with my family, swimming in the sea, reading and dancing with my friends! I also love music - and make sure we have many musical activities in Year 5!
Mrs Hamilton - Deputy Headteacher and Year 5 Class Teacher
I'm the class teacher in Y5 on Wednesday afternoons, Thursdays and Fridays.  
I love hiking with my family and friends, gardening, reading and sewing. I am looking forward to all of the enrichment activities and exciting projects that will be happening in Year 5 this year!