Cherry (Year 2)

Welcome to Cherry Class! 
Welcome back to Term 5! Our learning journey for this term is ‘Into the Woods’. We will be exploring this topic throughout all of our subjects.


Literacy and maths

In Literacy we are focussing on the well-known fairy tale ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. The children have been acting as detectives to investigate a crime scene that was found in the classroom and will be writing up reports and conducting interviews with the characters. They will be writing diary entries as the wolf, rewriting their own versions of the story and we will also be looking in to recipes and instructions to fill Red’s basket with delicious treats!

We will be learning about fractions in maths and then will move on to time in our main sessions. Alongside this we will be ensuring that the children are secure in the knowledge and skills we have covered in maths throughout the year getting ready for our SATs at the end of term.


Foundation subjects
In Geography we will be exploring maps and creating our own for Red to follow in to the woods. We will also be focussing on man-made and physical features of the world and the different types of land we have in the UK e.g fields, beaches, woodland, cities. This leads nicely in to our science topic for term which is plants. We will be identifying and planting our own plants and conducting experiments to test what plants really need in order to survive in different places. In art we will be looking at famous paintings of flowers and recreating our own as well as making our own natural art outside. We are focussing on observing, sketching and painting skills this term.



We have our trip to Wakehurst on Wednesday 1st May. Please check your email to give permission for your child to attend as soon as possible.
Our Teachers...
  • Miss Blackwell

    Class teacher

    Hello! I am Miss Blackwell and I work in Cherry class every day apart from Thursday afternoons when Mr Young takes over. I have worked in Year 2 for 5 years now and still love learning about our topics. When I am not at school I really enjoy taking my dogs Olive and Herbie out for walks and catching up with friends and family.

  • Miss Hart

    Teaching Assistant

    Hello I am Miss Hart. I am the TA in Cherry class and work Monday - Thursday. I love spending time with my 2 daughters and dancing!

Homework is set on Friday and due in the following Wednesday. There will always be a maths and spellings homework but some weeks there will be an additional homework depending on what we are learning that week.
Reading books will also be changed every Friday but children are able to swap their coloured book during the week when needed. Please can I encourage you to listen to your child read every day at home. Finding time to read and share stories at home is a powerful way to affect your child’s progress.