Zones of Regulation

As part of the school’s PSHE curriculum, we will be teaching the Zones of Emotional Regulation curriculum. The Zones of Emotional Regulation is a curriculum that is advocated internationally and, more locally, by East Sussex advisors. Reception and Year 1 have been trialling the use of this framework since September 2020-2021, and in Terms 3 and 4 we have begun to use this across the school. 

 Zones of Regulation - SNAP Charity

The Zones of Regulation is full of a range of activities to help your child develop skills in the area of self-regulation. Self-regulation can go by many names, such as self-control, self-management and impulse control. As a school, we are working on creating a progressive curriculum with children in Early Years learning to identify different emotions to children in Upper Key Stage 2 discussing how our behaviour can impact upon the feelings of those around us.


On this page, you will find a (PDF) presentation which provides more information about the Zones of Regulation and a range of additional resources and information which may be useful for you to use at home if you wish.


If you have any questions, please speak to your class teacher or a member of the senior leadership team.