Cherry (Year 2)

Welcome to Cherry Class! 
Knowledge Organisers! 
Term 1! Who invented that and why? 

This term we will be learning about inventions particularly the invention of transport through time. We will become Historians looking in to how things were made and how they have evolved and got better and suggesting reasons why someone decided to make changes. We will also have a go at inventing ourselves! An invention station has been set up in the classroom where we will be experimenting with designs that will fly, float and move on land.

This fits nicely with our science topic of materials and their properties which is an important factor to consider when you are inventing something new!

We will be focusing on how inventors spend a lot of time researching, building and getting things wrong! Emphasising that it is ok to make mistakes and that we can use them to help us learn!

Our Teachers...
  • Miss Blackwell

    Class teacher

    My name is Miss Blackwell and I work in Cherry class every day apart from Thursday afternoons when Mr Young takes over. I have worked in Year 2 for 3 years now and still love learning about our topics. When I am not at school I really enjoy taking my dogs Olive and Herbie out for walks and catching up with friends and family.

  • Miss Hart

    Teaching Assistant

    Hello I am Miss Hart. I am the TA in Cherry class and work Monday - Friday so will see you every day. I love spending time with my 2 daughters.

Homework is set on Friday and due in the following Wednesday. I will be sending homework books out on the first Friday back which will have the homework assignments in them. This book will also contain their mymaths and TTrockstars logins. There will always be a mymaths and spellings homework but some weeks there will be an additional homework depending on what we are learning that week.
Reading books will also be changed every Friday but children are able to swap their coloured book during the week when needed. Please can I encourage you to listen to your child read every day at home. Finding time to read and share stories at home is a powerful way to affect your child’s progress.