Oak (Year 6)

These are just some of the exciting events taking place in Year Six during Term Five:


Celebratory Barbeque

As you are aware the final SATs paper is on the morning of Thursday 17th May. We will be holding a Celebratory Barbeque that afternoon to congratulate the children on their hard work.  The barbeque will be held on the school field/playground from around 12.30pm, exclusively for the Year Six children and FOWR have generously offered to pay for the food and drink. Please let us know if your child has any special dietary requirements.


SATs week breakfast

In addition to the barbeque, during SATs week (Monday to Thursday) we will be providing breakfast for those who wish to come in a little earlier, and spend time with their friends prior to testing. Mr Montebello will open the gate at 8.20am, and children should make their way straight to the hall, where this will be set up.


Bowlplex at Brighton Marina

On Friday 18th May we will be going for lunch and bowling at the Bowlplex at Brighton Marina.  The coach will leave Western Road at 10am and collect us from Brighton at approximately 1.30pm.  We are waiting to hear confirmed lunch choices from Bowlplex but they are likely to be chicken nuggets and chips, spaghetti bolognese both meat and vegetarian and burger and chips, and will be ordered by us (in consultation with the children) prior to our visit. We will let the children know the choices as soon as they get back to us.  The FOWR have generously offered to pay for the coach, therefore we are asking for a voluntary contribution of £6 per child to cover the bowling and lunch. 


We will be returning to school by 2pm. If you would like to collect, or give permission for your child to walk home, at this time, please let us know on the permission slip below.


If you have any further questions please do get in touch with one of us.