Elder (Year 5)

Welcome to Year 5
Please see below for information about what we are learning the term, and what we have learnt about already this academic year.
Term 4 - How has Activism Shaped our World? 
This term we will be going back in time to look at the life of Lewesian and activist, Thomas Paine, who influenced people's thinking through the written and spoken word. We will be comparing him and his campaigns with modern-day activists including Greta Thunberg, Martin Luther King and Malala Yousafzai. We will also look at movements such as Extinction Rebellion and debate their campaign methods. We will then become activists ourselves and plan and carry out a campaign to promote a cause that is important to us through art and the spoken word. Watch this space for our Knowledge Organiser and Curriculum Letter, which will be published soon!
Term 3 - Who were the Anglo Saxons, and How Have they Shaped our Way of Life Today?
This term, we are learning all about the Anglo Saxons, and spotting the signs of their influence which are all around us. We will be visiting the Lewes Castle Museum to examine local artefacts found in our local area, and to re-enact the story of Beowulf. We will also be holding an Anglo Saxon Day in school where we will dress up and re-enact some famous battles.
Term 2 - Is space travel important, or should we focus on our own planet instead?
We are very excited about our Earth and Space topic this term! See our Knowledge Organiser and Curriculum Newsletter for more details - and watch this space for more links and information to our learning as the term unfolds!
Term 1 - What story does every picture tell?
This term, as geographers, we are going to be using photography and the study of photographs to build our skills in inferring information from images. See our Curriculum Letter and Knowledge Organiser for more details.