Elder (Year 5)

Welcome to Year 5
Please see below for information about what we are learning the term, and what we have learnt about already this academic year.
Term 4 - How has Activism Shaped our Word?
History is peppered with events brought about by activism, which have had a lasting impact on how our world works today. To complement this term’s focus school value, ‘Pupil Voice’, we will be examining the concept of activism and reflecting on the impacts of various activist movements. The activism of Thomas Paine, who spent some of his most formative years in Lewes, will be one of our case studies. We will reflect on how Thomas Paine used his voice and the written word to influence thinking and bring about change. In order to compare and contrast the causes of historical activists, we will also be reflecting on current events that have provoked responses by activists such as racism, climate change and extinction, and examining the actions of movements such as Extinction Rebellion and also people who have acted in support of the Black Lives Matter slogan and hashtag. We will also revisit some of our earlier learning about Greta Thunberg, as well as learning about other young activists such as Malala Yousafzi. We will consider how we can use peaceful means to raise awareness about causes we care about, and reflect on the ethics of activism where there is a risk that peace will be disturbed. To find out more about this exciting topic, please see our Knowledge Organiser below. See our Curriculum Newsletter too, for details of all the other learning that will be taking place in Year 5 this term, and keep visiting this page to catch snippets of what we're getting up to in class!
Term 3 - Invaders and Settlers: Anglo Saxons
We really enjoyed learning about the Anglo-Saxons. We used a variety of sources to analyse how England changed from the start to the end of their 600 year rule, and also explored the wider question of why people migrate. 
Term 2 - Is Space Exploration Important, or Should We Focus on Our Own Planet Instead? 
We focused on Earth and Space in science this term, and looked at the history of space exploration in our humanities lessons as we discussed whether it is space exploration or our own planet that we should be prioritising. For full details of all our learning during this term, please see our Curriculum Newsletter and Knowledge Organiser below.   
Term 1 - Scandinavia
We started the year with a focus on the geographical features of Scandinavia. Please see our Curriculum Newsletter below for more details about our learning this term.