Term 6 Week 4 22nd June

Dear Elder,

I continue to be very impressed with your dedication to learning with the excellent effort that you are putting into your work. It is a delight to read and I have really enjoyed the exciting models and detailed diagrams you have been making for History and Geography!

This week we are moving onto units of measurement in Maths and Balanced Arguments in English.

For Foundation Subjects this week, I recommend that you go through Monday’s Science and Tuesday’s PSHE with your adult, so that you can read through the slides together and discuss them. On the Foundation Subjects Plan, there is an additional video for after Science which you may watch for more information if you wish, with your adult. It is about 28 minutes long.

Don’t forget to practise your times tables on Times Tables Rock Stars and read a great book every day. If you’ve run out of books, your local library will have lots of great e-books on their website that you can access from home! See here: https://eastsussexlibrary.overdrive.com/library/kids/browse

 If you’re on Seesaw, Miss Lester will be in school all week as of this week, so the lovely Mrs Bennett has joined our online classroom and will be responding to your excellent efforts there.  I will also continue to look whenever I get the chance, but you may receive less comments from me; know I am currently and will continue to be very proud every single one of you and the work you are carefully completing.

Best wishes,

Miss Lester

Guided Reading